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Power Flushing Oxfordshire

Power flushing is the best and most thorough way to clean your heating systems of black magnetite sludge. You should have your system power flushed every 8 years or whenever you have a new boiler installed. The black sludge in your heating system can cause the following problems: radiators being cold at the bottom due to sludge or being cold at the top and needing regular bleeding, noisy radiators and/or pipework, lack of circulation due to a blocked pump, low hot water pressure due to blocked pipes or heat exchanger. Not having a power flush done can void a boilers warranty. All of these issues can be fixed by having a power flush done.

Power flush prices - No. of radiators

  • 1-4 £350
  • 5-11 £650
  • 12-15 £1000
  • 16-20 £1400

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