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Power Flushing

At Priceless Plumbers, we have been supplying the properties of Oxford with our top-quality power flushing services for many years. All of our team are fully qualified and experienced in power flushing and are therefore the best hands to be in when you are looking for a clean flowing heating system. 

There are many benefits that follow with having your heating system power flushed. After the power flushing service, your system could be revived to a near new condition. Our power flushing service at Priceless Plumbers could, therefore, save you the hassle and financial cost of replacing an inefficient and old heating system. As well as this, power flushing improves system circulation, which again could save you money in the long run. A power flush involves connecting up the machine which circulates corrosion inhibitors, descalers, sludge breakers and strong cleansing chemicals to remove rust and contaminants. This means the hot water flow in your system will be much cleaner, the system will heat up faster, and the pipe and boiler noises will be reduced. 

There are different reasons why people opt for a power flushing service. Poor hot water flow is one of the main reasons. If your heat exchangers are part blocked, this can affect the temperature and flow of your hot water, which can be frustrating. Along with this, cold spots in your radiators may be another reason to undergo a power flush. If your radiators are cold at the bottom yet hot at the top, this is a sign there is sludge at the bottom. Many people may decide to bleed their radiators at these times; however, if bleeding your radiators leads to dirty water coming from the radiator pipe, this is a major sign that you need a power flush. 

If you are looking for a professional team to assist you with power flushing your systems, look no further than our team at Priceless Plumbers in Oxford. Why not give us a call today on for a no-obligation quote or to speak to a member of our team in more depth about our power flushing services. 

Power flush prices - No. of radiators

  • 1-4 £350
  • 5-11 £650
  • 12-15 £1000
  • 16-20 £1400

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